Data Management – Data Export and Import Process – Part 2 (Export – Apply filter)

Export – Apply filter

You can apply filter to the fields on the data entity (ies) before you run the export job.  For example, if you want export selected customer groups that have specific terms of payment on this company.

In order to apply filer, add the entity (e.g. Customer groups) and then click on filter icon:

You can activate drop-down function on the criteria field by marking “Replace the criteria on lookup”:

Then choose the field that you want add a criteria for (i.e. Terms of payment)

You can add criteria. This can be either specific value that is existed for the field (e.g. 14) or you can use advanced filtering and query syntax (e.g. 1..14 which will export customer groups that have terms of payment between 1 and 14)

You can try with following syntax query syntax :

Is “Apple” / Is equal to “ Apple ” –>  “Apple
Is not “Apple” / Is not equal to “Apple” –> “!Apple”
Is  “Apple”, “Orange” and “AppleOrange” –> “Apple”,”Orange”,”AppleOrange”
Contains “Apple” –> Apple
Does not contain “Apple” –> “!Apple
Begins with “Apple” –> “Apple*”
After “10” / Greater than “10” –> “>10”
Greater than or equal “10” –> “10..”
Before “10” / Less than “10” –> “<10”
Less than or equal “10” –> “..10”
Between “10” and “25” –> “10..25”

Note: Check “Useful links from Microsoft Doc” below on this page to get better overview how create advanced query syntax

Note: You can add line on this inquiry to create criteria against other available fields on this entity (e.g. Default tax group)

You can try to edit the entity mapping fields to export those fields that need to be exported. Then you can mark field(s) that are not in use and click on “Save” and run the export job.

Note: Mandatory fields that are parts of the entity key cannot be removed from the map.

Useful links from Microsoft Docs:

Data management overview – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

Advanced filtering and query syntax – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

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