Data Management – Data Export and Import Process – Part 3 (Entity Sequence and Template)

Export – Entity Sequence

When you add an entity to an export job, it will get sequence once it is loaded (i.e. first added entity get will get one as sequence and second entity will get two , and so on). It is recommended on the export job that you set a sequence for each entity in regards with correct sequence needed to successfully import it (e.g. if you want to export customers and customer groups, set sequence for “Customer groups” prior to “Customers V3”. If you do not set a correct sequence, you will get an error message while importing “Customers V3” entity that data is not existed. e.g.  Value for XXXX does not exist on “Customer groups”.).

Correct sequence of data export job can be prerequisite for the import job. Consequently, you can create an export job for setups and parameters for each module by setting a correct sequence for entities that they need to be imported or copied to other legal entities.

You can edit the sequence number when the entities has been added on the data export by clicking on the data export and updating the value for sequence for each line:

Export – Template

When you create export job with correct sequence order (i.e. in regards with import), you can save it as template to either reuse it on export jobs or via “Copy into legal entity”. In order to do so, navigate to Workspaces >Data management > Template and create new record. Then add ID for “Template ID” a description and click on “Create from data project” to choose the data project:

You can update the template (e.g. add or remove entity and edit sequence). Then click on “Validate template” to change template status to “Validated”

There are several standard templates that can be loaded on this form. You can either load all of them “Load all” for load the marked templates “Load selected”

Note: These default templates are sequenced with correct order.

Note: You can load a default template and then customize it based on entities that you need to have based on localization.

Note: You need to have system administrator access to load default templates

To upload a template on export data job or copy into legal entity, you can restore it by clicking on “Add template”. You need the Template ID on “Copy from template” and define entity replace or merge in regards with selected entities on this job. Then choose “Target data format” and click on “Ok” to upload the template.

Note: Entity replace will delete the entities on “Selected entities” and replace it with the template entities.

Note: Entity merged will merge entities on the “Selected entities” with the template entities.

Note: If you want to upload a template on a data project where it has entities already, control the sequence for each line before exporting.

Useful links from Microsoft Docs:

Data management overview – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

Configuration data templates – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

Data import and export jobs overview – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

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