ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 1 (Intro)

In Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, one can generate and import payment files with ISO20022 format. ISO20022 is an international standard designed to streamline global business communication. 

Following table provides information about file types and how they can used in D365FO:

ISO20022 Configuration in D365FO


Payment file will be generated from vendor payment journal in D365FO via GER config “ISO20022 Credit transfer (NO)” and it can be sent directly to bank or can be uploaded to Corporate Netbank manually (Norwegian: Utbetalingsfil). The file can be generated with either “Structured” or “Unstructured” format:

  • Structured: information about total amount, payment id or invoice number. It can be used both for domestic and international payments and will be received via Camt.054 file.

Valid codes:

  • CINV : Commercial Invoices
    • SCOR: Creditor Reference (Payment ID/KID)
    • CREN : Credit Note
Pain.001 – Structured
  • Unstructured: Free text information to beneficiary that will be received via Camt054 file.

Note:  To avoid reconciliation issue it is recommended to use structured format.

Note:  You need to use structured format in regards to local and bank rules.

Note:  You can use either “Payment Id”/1 and if it does not exist, “Invoice number”/2 in structured payment format after bank confirmation.


Payment status report is an electronic log that will be fetched once you send a Pain.001 to bank. The file contains of status report message on different level for receiving and rejecting the payment file (Norwegian: Mottaksretur)

  • Group header: It will confirm the receipt of the Pain.001. It will consist either accepted (ACTC) or rejected (RJCT)
Pain.002 – Group header
  • Payment information level: It will indicate if bank has found a business error on payment level. It will consist rejected (RJCT) or pending (PDNG) or accepted with change (ACWC) status.
Pain.002 – Payment information level
  • Credit Transaction Level: It will indicate each single transaction status report. It will consist rejected (RJCT) or pending (PDNG) or accepted with change (ACWC) status.
Pain.002 – Credit Transaction Level


Camt054 can be either debit or credit notification reported of bank to the account owner:

  • Camt054D – Debit notification: It includes debit advice message structured for the exchange between bank and the receiver. Transactions that have been reported via the Pain001 to the bank will be reported back in Camt.054C file (Norwegian: Avregningsretur).
Camt054D – Debit notification
  • Camt054C – Credit notification: It includes credit advice message structured for the exchange between bank and the receiver. This will provide information about received credit transactions reported to the receiver. The file will contains structured information of customer payments by account owner (Norwegian: Innbetalingsfil)

Note:  This format can be used as replacement for CREMUL files.

Camt054C – Credit notification


Bank statement message file contains the entries booked to the account and provide the account owners balance information for their bank accounts in a specific time span (Norwegian: Bankkontoutdrag).

Camt.053 – Bank statement

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