ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 10 (Summary)

ISO20022 is an international standard designed to streamline global business communication that you can generate and import ISO20022 payment format file in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:

File typeNameDescriptionNb-NODirectionGER Config
Pian.001CustomerCreditTransferVendor payment fileUtbetalingsfilOutboundISO20022 Credit transfer (NO)
Pain.002CustomerPaymentStatusPayment status log/report – Technical validation Reception return file (Group Header, Payment information level, Credit transaction level)MottaksreturInboundISO20022 pain.002
Pain.008CustomerDirectDebitCustomer direct debitDirect DebitOutboundISO20022 Direct debit
Camt054DBankToCustomerDebitCreditSettlement return – Debit notification for vendors’ confirmed paymentsAvregningsreturInboundISO20022 Camt.054
Camt054CBankToCustomerDebitCreditSettlement return – Credit notification for customers’ confirmed paymentsInnbetalingsfilInboundISO20022 Camt.054
Camt053BankToCustomerStatementBank account statement for reconciliationBankkontoutdragInboundCamt.053 Format

These standard configurations are ready to use and can be imported in to D365FO via Microsoft repositories. To import the configurations, navigate to organization administration > Workspaces > Electronics reporting:

Choose ‘Microsoft’ and click on ‘Repositories’:

Choose ‘Global’ and click on “Open” to access to the repositories.

Search for the configurations and click on “Import” to install them. Following configuration can be searched:

  • ISO20022 Credit transfer
  • ISO20022 Direct debit
  • ISO20022 pain.002
  • ISO20022 Camt.054
  • Camt.053 Format

Example: Camt.053 Format


  • While importing the configurations, model mapping and data model will be imported automatically. For example, once you import “ISO20022 Camt.054, ‘Payment model mapping to destination ISO20022’ (model mapping) and ‘Payment model’ will be imported.
  • Some configurations are built and applicable for specific product update. It means that you need to have same or newer product update version as prerequisite to import the configuration.
  • There are some standard configurations specific for each country and based on their specifications. For example, ‘ISO20022 Credit transfer’ and ‘ISO20022 Direct debit’.
  • Each configuration has KB/ID number in Microsoft repositories. This number can be searched on LCS > Project > Issue search to better understand the fix/development for the configuration.
  • If you need to create a custom version of standard configuration to satisfy bank specification, you can create a derived version and modify the format designer or mapping model.

In the ISO20022 blog series (ISO20022 – DynFOTech), I have tried to clarify how you can start applying ISO20022 format to generate and import payment file.

Part 1 – Introduction ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 1 (Intro) – DynFOTech

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Part 6 – Import Pain.002 file ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 6 (Import Pain.002 file) – DynFOTech

Part 7 – Import Camt054D file ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 7 (Import Camt.054D file) – DynFOTech

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Part 10 – Summary

I hope that you find the post instructive and will add value for your daily work as professional to better apply standard functions in D365FO. Please don’t hesitate to re questions to send related questions or feedback via using “Leave a Reply”.

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