ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 7 (Import Camt.054D file)

Once you have generated a Pain001 file (CustomerCreditTransferInitiation; pain.001.001.03; Norwegian: Utbetalingsfil) to Bank from vendor payment journal, it will be controlled that you will get Pain002 file (CustomerPaymentStatusReport ; pain.002.001.03; Norwegian: Mottaksretur) including status report for payments. If the Pain002 file get accepted by the bank for payment, they will be set in queue to be paid. Once, they have been paid, bank will send Camt.054D file (BankToCustomerDebitCreditNotificationV02; camt.054.001.02; Norwegian: Avregningsretur) for debit entries.

One Camt054D file must have debit information on additional information tag and a value for “DEBIT” on DebitCreditIndicator (CdtDbtInd)


Note:   Customer will generate Pain001 file for bank either in “Structured” or “Unstructured” format.

Note:   Bank will generate Pain002 and Camt054 files for the customer from the Pain001 file.

A structured Pain001 file can include either payment ID or invoice number (or both) and unstructured file have just a free text for as invoice information. Camt054D file should have following values the same as Pain001 file:

  • <PmtInfId>

PaymentInformationIdentification – A unique value including payment number.

  • <InstrId>

InstructionIdentification – A unique value including payment journal line voucher number date time.

  • <EndToEndId>

EndToEndIdentification – A unique value including payment journal line voucher number and RecId

  • < AmtDtls >

AmountDetails – Payment journal line amount and currency.

  • <Cdtr>

Creditor – Creditor name and address.

  • <CdtrAcct>

CreditorAccount – Creditor bank account number or IBAN

  • <RmtInf>
    • <Strd>

RemittanceInformation (Structured) – Invoice number or payment id.

  • <Ustrd>

RemittanceInformation (Unstructured) – A free text for payment information.


Once you have got Camt054D file from bank (either manually from NetBank or via integration), it can be imported in D365FO from Account payable > Payment > Payment Transfers and click on “Return file-vendor”

Payment transfer

Then choose payment method that you have used for creating Pain001 file.

Load payment method

Note:  Payment method needs to be associated to Camt054 as return format configuration.

On next form, choose “Camt054”

Load GER config

Then upload Camt054 file, choose a new journal for settlement and click on “OK” to import the file.


Note:  You need to add payment fee (Fee ID) if charges amount is present in camt.054D file.

Note:  Add a “Vendor disbursement” journal as ‘New journal name’ in order to transfer payment journal lines to new journal and new voucher numbers.

Note:  Activate “Import direct debit transactions” if outgoing direct debits need to be imported to the vendor payment journal.

if imported vendor payments will need to be settled with invoices found in the system.

Note:  Activate “Settle transaction” to find vendor invoices and settle them against the vendor payments via invoice number and payment ID.

Note:  Activate “Delete payment journal” to delete the payment journal once the journal lines are transferred to the new journal for settlement.

Note:  Activate “Import bank exchange rate” to import exchange rate for foreign payments. This helps to import the foreign payment with exact exchange rate an not the one that the solution generates.

Once the file gets imported, payment status will be modified from “Received” to “Approved”

Payment status

Then, you can control the imported payments and post the journal.

Note:  You need to define the return status on (Account payable > Setup > Payment setup > Return format status mapping) so the payment status get updated to “Approved” for actual payments.

Return format status mapping

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